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ON ANY TOLL BRIDGE... Be sure to take the Cash/fast track lane.

Do not take fast track only unless you have a fast track pass.


From Interstate 80: (coming from Sacramento or north of Sacramento)
Take Hwy 12 exit and follow directions for Napa and Sonoma. On Hwy 121 coming from Napa to Sonoma you will be about 9 mile from Windhaven. (Approximately) Landmarks: Cuttings Wharf Road on your left then Duhig Road and Domain Carneros. Continue on, you will come up a grade with a short passing lane, as you come down the other side there will be a road to Sonoma to your right and a stop light just beyond by an old Dairy. Do not take this Sonoma exit. Stay on 121 through the stop light and by the dairy. Follow along over a knoll down a small grade. Soon, there will be a ‘very’ country hamburger place called Babes on your right. Shortly after Babes is Burndale Rd. Right on Burndale. Burndale makes a jog to the left then to the right then straight. You will pass Hyde road on your left. Start looking for Pearson Ave. It will “Y” to the left off of Burndale just as Burndale winds up to the right. Take Pearson and follow until you see a white mailbox with the words Windhaven Farm. Go up the driveway, the cottage is in the rear.

FROM HWY 80: (Coming from Oakland or south of Oakland)
Take Hwy 80 over the Carquinez Bridge. ( $2.00 toll.) Take the Napa/Sonoma Exits and follow signs. See above for directions once you are heading towards Napa.

From 101:
Take 37 to Napa/ Sonoma. Take signs for Sonoma at Infenion (Sears Point) amd HWY 121. You are now on Hwy 121. About a mile or two past Viansa Winery and Clien Cellars, 121 winds to the right at the Vineyard Inn. Hwy 116 will go straight off of 121. Stay on 121 do not go off. Stay on as if you are going to Napa. You will cross 2 sets of railroad tracks then pass The Cherry Tree on your right, then Mulas Dairy. Start looking for Burndale Road. Take a left on Burndale. (Read italisizied direction in Interstate 80 directions.)

Take signs to San Bruno and Hwy 280. Follow Hwy 280 and signs to Golden Gate Bridge. You will need to be in your left hand lanes as you go off of 280 on to 19th Ave. You will wind through a residential area of San Francisco and part of Golden Gate Park on your route to the Golden Gate Bridge (no toll in this direction). After crossing the bridge you are on Hwy 101 N, about 40 minutes from Sonoma. Take 101 through Marin County. Start looking for Hwy 37 and the Napa Sonoma Exit. Follow the 101 directions above from here. • (707) 938-2175 • (707) 483-2380 • 21700 Pearson Ave • Sonoma, CA 95476